B10 Capital Supports IRS Efforts to Increase Scrutiny on Art Donations for Tax Deductions

Published on
April 22, 2024
Salt Lake City, UT

B10 Capital, a leader in innovative tax strategy solutions, today voiced its support for the recent announcement by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to enhance scrutiny of art donations used as tax deductions. This move by the IRS aims to ensure proper compliance with tax laws and regulations regarding significant charitable contributions. As a firm that has long championed transparency and strict adherence to tax laws, B10 Capital reaffirms its commitment to providing tax strategies that not only benefit its clients but also uphold the integrity of the tax system.

"We welcome the increased focus by the IRS on this aspect of tax deductions," said Don Steeves, CEO. "It is crucial that all entities, whether businesses or individuals, adhere to the stipulated guidelines to promote a fair taxation environment."

B10 Capital has always prioritized the lawful and ethical implementation of tax strategies, including the donation of art and historical documents. The firm ensures that all charitable contributions made through its guidance are thoroughly vetted to comply with current tax laws and IRS regulations.

"We stand ready to assist our clients and CPA partners in navigating these regulations," Scott Stratton, CLO added. "Our team is equipped with the expertise to support thorough documentation and valuation processes, which are more important than ever with the IRS’s increased scrutiny."

B10 Capital remains dedicated to supporting its clients and CPA partners with comprehensive compliance support and expert tax strategy consultation.

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VP of Marketing, B10 Capital


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